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Bridging the chasm

Karla McLaren was a new-age healer and teacher. An author with several books like "Emotional Genius" and "Becoming an Empath". A self described "full-fledged member of the New Age culture for over thirty years".

Then, a few years ago, she became a skeptic, and she wrote this wonderful article that explains in part why it took so long.

In a very similar manner we have two cultures in the area of Morgellons. One of rational skepticism, and one of alternative beliefs. What these two culture have is a failure to communicate. Karla gives a heartfelt request that I'm sure many Morgellons sufferers would agree with:

"I would ask you to respect our humanity, and approach us not as if you are reformers or redeemers. I would ask you to approach us as fellow humans who share your concern and interest in the welfare of others. I would ask you to be as culturally intelligent as you are scientifically intelligent, and to work to understand our culture as clearly as you understand the techniques, ideas, and modalities that have sprung from it. We are a people, not a problem"


At 4:22 AM, Blogger Smileykins said...

That is a good article. The morgies feel disrespected though, when they aren't, and that chasm just cannot be bridged.

Morgies twist everything that's said to them. For example, pose a simple rhetorical question on their message boards, and it is perceived as a personal, direct question, to not only one out of the crowd, but by many. In rapid fire timing, here come the questions, "What makes you think that I...?"

...and off they go, every time.

They feel condemned and go to extremes with being defensive. They just aren't very nice people, except to each other. That's par for the course on their message boards, and apparently another pathological manifestation of their illness, and of being in a cult.

They're completely devoid of so many of the cognitive abilities that we all take for granted.

I truly can't help but wonder what role late stage lyme disease might just have in this made up myth of morgellons, but I have some suspicions. Morgies have ways of not responding to a polite, direct question, hehe, but they jump like mad on rhetorical ones.

Lyme disease, as we know, if treated early, is a transient illness with mild symptoms and no long-term sequelae. (Most of the morgies' posts I've read, that get diagnosed with lyme, don't even understand what their numbers mean.) It's said that in a smaller portion of patients, the course of lyme may be chronic and severe. I just can't help but think there's a larger portion. I'll explain, in a minute.

Case reports have linked a variety of neurologic syndromes to the late stage, including blindness, progressive demyelinating-like syndromes (mimicking Multiple sclerosis or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Guillian-Barre, PROGRESSIVE DEMENTIAS, seizure disorders, strokes, and extrapyramidal disorders.
These motor disorders are associated with pathology that lies outside of the pyramidal tracts, involving the basal ganglia or cerebellum, and I know of at least one female morgie that says she has dystonia.

New clinical manifestations of lyme disease are still being discovered and described. In cases of known lyme disease, it's said that psychiatrists need to take a comprehensive approach to treatment because so many aspects of the patient's life...physical, emotional, COGNITIVE, familial, sexual, social and occupational...can be significantly affected by the illness.

(Well, that sure sounds familiar to morgies' destroyed lives.)

I recall reading once, that there is a significant problem with titer tests when a patient has progressed into the late stage of lyme before seeking diagnosis. They are often the sickest of the lyme disease population, but by the time the test for determination is done, they have low numbers because their antibodies are exhausted by the disease. Doctors can often miss the fact that they have it, and they often don't receive treatment, when they need it more than others who have high titers. Antibiotics are an ineffective treatment, but, for now, that is the best that can be offered.

It's such a problematic disease. Some doctors go ahead and treat for it, basing their determination on clinical presentation, but some of them have gotten into trouble and made headlines for that. There's so much yet to be discovered about it.

Something else that may be of significance (as far as fibers becoming adhered to open sores), is that in late stage lyme disease, there is a skin condition known as acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans, that can involve the formation of sclerotic skin plaques. It's said to be more common in Europe, though, but there are European morgie people too.

Imagine though, the inadequacies of testing in the late stage, and how many people could be suffering the worst, and remaining untreated, for lyme, as it progresses.

Since the MRF seems to think there is an association to their made up disease being related to lyme disease, could it perhaps be that these patients are in the throes of late stage lyme, which can cause, among other things, PROGRESSIVE DEMENTIAS?

Systemic lupus erythematosis has a definite neuropsychiatric stage as well, and I know some morgie people have that, because I've read it in their posts.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of late stage lyme, it can imitate psychiatric disorders no less than medical ones. Lyme disease is known as the "new great imitator".

BUT STILL...there is no such thing as morgellons disease, other than a ridiculously heinous cult.

At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We are people, not a problem".

As if the two are mutually exclusive.

I sympathize with the author, as in my younger and more idealistic years I myself had the very same idea - "why not be a NICE skeptic"? The problem is that it doesn't work. The new age froo froo movement requires so much ego-coddling (though, ironically, they see this as the very opposite of ego-coddling, and themselves as egoless creatures - I believe Freud has a term for this, but it's too late at night to go looking it up) that any attempts to communicate with them end up as nothing but a two hour waste of breath. The author's quote where she said it took three readings before some of her criticisms became apparant is very telling.

Frankly, as caustic as this sounds, I'd just as soon leave the froo froos to die in a sewer of homeopathy, and focus my attentions on those who would be receptive to actual thought. Unfortunately, the internet seems dominated by the froo-froo movement, and without channeling my inner voice through a thick filter of bullshit, I and other people with more than half a mind are quickly banned from virtually any internet forum around.

Fucking froofroos.

At 4:45 AM, Blogger Smileykins said...


"...without channeling my inner voice through a thick filter of bullshit, I and other people with more than half a mind are quickly banned from virtually any internet forum around."

Could you please explain to us just exactly what you mean by that comment?

Thanks, Smileykins

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Smileykins said...

Project you who want to be, after you find out who you really are. You're just seeking the wrong forums to try engaging in. When we know who we are, we don't "filter" anything. Get to know yourself. Be yourself, and let the only "filtering" occur naturally, through people either loving you for who you really are, or to heck with them. We don't need negative energies in our lives. Be true to yourself.


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