Friday, April 14, 2006

The far side of Morgellons meets the near side.

In the Morgellons community, there are several folk who think that their problems are due to some kind of genetically modified organism, typified by this post from TamTam

Fibers are stray target of experimental biology.
In particular experimental micro biology class 3 (C3)

That cellulose type fibers move on its own is because it are micro organisms that go dormant (pseudo apoptotic) In particular micro organisms that breath and become static because of low metabolism.
During formation they show nerve cell type behavior.

Nerve cell type behavior they will show in particular when they unite as a fiber most resembling a shaft that is related to the mold of the cyanobacterium.

This dominant type gene expression in the form of a semi autonomous and sensing fiber is in fact a break away group cell.
A variant form.

Its character is inbetween plant(cellulose) and insect (chitin)cell.

Single cell micro organisms with an aquired property called quorum sensing will make the organisms act multi cellular.

Quorum sensing is a stem cell like property.
Quorum sensing micro organisms unite hence differentiate during formation of a multi cellular organism.

Hence multi lineage differentiation synonymous with stem cell.
Fast dividing tissue forms a base(culture medium) for this organism.
This type target can only be kept alive and cultered in test animal.

Fibers show inbetween behavior like "plant cell that think they are insect cell"

The agent its intermediate stage resembles a protoplasm.
A transparent cloud with basic properties preserved.

All elements are quorum sensing
All elements differentiate

check: chitin / cellulose wound dressing

TamTam writes in an unusual way. Declarative sentences with little explanation. This reminds me of the way AIs are portrayed in Science Fiction. Or perhaps someone with a brain wired a particular way - maybe Asbergers (not that there's anything wrong with that, Bill Gates has often been diagnosed with Asbergers).

TamTam is probably responsible for this video:

Which shows text similar to the above, overlaid on footage of some microscopic video.

Interstingly, mainstream Morgellons hits fringe Morgellons when Randy Wymore analyses this video on
He basically says "there is no science here", but uses several more word, trying to be kind.


At 1:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the "fringe" is on the mainstream board where may I find mainstream Morgellnons? ONE THE FRINGE BOARD!!!! LOL ~I made a funny!

At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He also states he cannot reach any conclusion regarding this video. and if you are so confident this illness does not exist, come and give me a hug and spend one day with this nightmare.

At 1:40 AM, Blogger Smileykins said...

Morgellons, have you noticed the way both of them are hailed, though, despite their unusual (albeit quite different), writing styles? Comprehensive skills are lacking in so many people. Odd, isn't it? One dangles carrots, and gets by with it beautifully, and the other, well, gee, I'm at a loss.

At 4:55 AM, Blogger Smileykins said...

He leaves me at a loss, but the effect he has on morgies is incredible to read. They like to pretend to understand such things for some reason.

"All complaints You make are not at all justified because I give away things that every researcher would keep undisclosed. Be sure that all I show is real and if I would show all at once, reactions could become unpredictable.

I have made first a statement about what we have in front of us, and as it seems people like to complain and discuss things without even watching the video."

"What You fight is a lenient triangle of academia, medics, pharmaceutical industry, military and booming technology.

All like to know and work on effects of this type pathogen, but nobody will ever mention the facts.
You really think that all money involved to combat disease is used to combat disease?

Basically disease funds research and is also impetus of industry, hence economy."

"Only if all parameters are specified You can start to conclude.

CDC knows all about this element because I have informed them two times and I simply know that they already knew all about it.

Its a political thing without borders.

According to them the matter should burn out and the rest belongs to statistic.
All type industry will cause victims."

"Because this target is a thing on its own, you have to start from scrap, decide to invest and screen.
Things like this could already be on its way but You will not hear about it.

Screening is very expensive and to be able to apply for a research budget you first have to invest a considerable amount of money. Proposal is mostly written by more than one scientist.
Next; most research budgets are granted by the Industry.

Now just decide to write a proposal for a non existing disease that later on may prove that the industry cultivates solving effects instead of cause!"


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