Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Chain of Chance

How many people in the USA have both Eczema and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Of these, how many also have Fibromyalgia?

More to come later, when I work out some numbers.


At 4:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your blog. As a self diagnosed and committed morgellonist i found it a refreshing take on a situation that attracts hysteria and nonsense like no other. great that you point out the inconsistencies in supposedly authoritative comments and put the self proclaimed experts in context. I despair at the behaviour of some of my alledged fellow sufferers. Far too often the most public symptoms they display are omniscience, paranoia and gullibility. I cringe at any health care professional interested in my condition discovering any of the public discourse. What bugs me about the whole thing is that in the three or four years that the morgellons concept has established itself, no one appears to have obtained any concrete evidence of anything happening whatsoever, including me. Maybe apathy should be added to the symptomology.
Keep up the great work, this could be the place i come for a reality check now and then.

At 10:50 AM, Blogger Margellons said...

"omniscience, paranoia and gullibility" - a good description of many people into fringe medicine.

Unfortunately for most people that is how they will stay - at least in the short term.

Thank your for your intelligent comments.

At 4:08 PM, Blogger Smileykins said...

This "movement" is a horrid, pathetic, phenomenon. The believers in morgellons disease, attack everyone on line who tries understanding and reasoning with them, stating their claims that nobody has a right to say anything, unless they've been through what they are going through.

Yet, also, when anyone that had previously been under the same mindset, that they all have in common, has been enlightened and recovered from it, the believers go off the deep end on those such persons, as well. How many ways can it be served to them when both turn out to be unacceptable?

In reality, they're strangers that haven't a clue as to who's-got-what, all sharing the same you-know-what.

Prior studies were already conducted at OKU, related to attempting to discover unidentified skin parasites, which yielded nothing.

According to the online news story accounts, morgellons disease was spawned due to a child diagnosed with eczema, whose mother refused to accept it. There are some powerful quotes included in those news articles.

What makes it so difficult to see that forming an organization and getting members to register, and list all their health problems, directly set something much larger into motion in a terribly horrific way? Just an innocent child with eczema set this entire thing off.

Is it wrong to examine that, and to also speculate on the motives of the research team for devoting time to this non-existent disease, and those probable implications? I'll apply the benefit of doubt, but, this team of experts leave a lot to be desired when you see that many believers look at them as deities.

I've read many praises of the team, and quite a few allude to seemingly having a close personal relationship with them. How can it be, one can't help but consider, when the people they look at as their saviors aren't communicating to them to stop their destructive behaviors and supplying them helpful advice?

Doesn't THAT make you wanna scratch your head.


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